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The municipality of Izamal is located in the Mexican state of Yucatán. Izamal is populated by 24334 inhabitants.

About 63.5 percent of the population in Izamal are adults older than 18 years. People visit the schools 6 years, but the quote of analphabets is still around 12.1 percent, equal to 2956 individuals.

17944 inhabitants are indigenous people and 9685 individuals older than 5 years speak an indigenous language.

Izamal Localities

Largest cities in Izamal

Citilcum - Population: 2015

Izamal - Population: 15101

Kimbilá - Population: 3531

Sitilpech - Population: 1781

Xanabá - Population: 1305

Map with the largest cities in the municipality of Izamal